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"Welcome to the top-rated egg incubator for professional poultry incubation—the Cimuka CT180SH Automatic Egg Incubator, the largest model in our CT Series Incubator line. Tailored for seasoned hatchers who conduct multiple cycles annually, this cabinet incubator redefines efficiency and precision in poultry breeding. With a focus on automation, humidity control, and temperature precision, the CT180SH is the go-to choice for meticulous hatching processes.As the largest model in our CT Series Incubator Line, the CT180SH stands out with its unparalleled capacity and capability. Whether you're hatching a diverse range of bird species, including chicken, quail, turkey, partridge, pheasant, peacock, goose, and duck, this egg incubator delivers exceptional results. What truly sets the CT Series apart is its innovative "All Set, All Hatch" design, allowing you to handle both incubation and hatching in a single, integrated system. No additional purchases are necessary—all you need for successful incubation and hatching is included, eliminating hidden costs and supplementary accessories.One of the standout features of the CT180SH is its dual-door design. This unique feature makes cleaning and disinfecting a breeze, as you can easily access every nook and cranny of the unit. Wiping down and maintaining a hygienic environment for your flock has never been this convenient.Setting up the CT180SH is a hassle-free experience. It comes preset for chickens, and making quick settings changes for other poultry species is a breeze. With three models to choose from, ranging in size from 60 to 180 eggs for setting and hatching in one unit, you have the flexibility to meet your specific needs.The CT180SH is an all-in-one solution, as it includes baskets and setter trays. There's no need for additional purchases to get started—everything you require is at your fingertips.With its automated system, the CT180SH allows you to "Set & Forget It." Standard chicken configurations are ready right out of the box, ensuring perfect humidity and temperature throughout the incubation process. The HumisonicTM Humidity System, a key component of this automation, provides precise humidity control, eliminating the need for wicking pads or sponges and streamlining your incubation process. We recommend you keep your room temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.Investing in the CT180SH translates into time and money savings. The automation features not only make your job easier but also result in higher hatch rates. With the CT180SH, your poultry breeding endeavors will be more efficient and successful than ever before.The Cimuka CT180SH isn't just a chicken egg incubator or a quail egg incubator; it's a sophisticated tool designed to meet the exacting standards of professional hatchers. Experience unmatched efficiency, energy savings, and automation precision with the CT180SH. Elevate your poultry breeding endeavors and make every hatching cycle a triumph with Cimuka—the ultimate choice for professionals who demand excellence in their craft.When you purchase from Hatching Time, you receive excellent customer support for incubators/ Cimuka CT Series CT190SH comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Rest assure that we are here to help in your hatching experience."


Note: This is not out of stock, but rather carried in stock by Hatching Time. Please see affiliate link to order. 

Hatching Time Incubator (CT 180)

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