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The Importance of Poultry Grit in a Chicken's Diet

Updated: Nov 18, 2023


Raising poultry, whether for eggs or meat, requires careful attention to their nutritional needs. Poultry, particularly chickens, rely on a balanced diet to thrive and produce quality eggs or meat. While grains, vegetables, and protein sources are essential components of their diet, there's one often overlooked but crucial element: poultry grit. In this article, we will explore why poultry grit should be an integral part of your chicken's diet.

What Is Poultry Grit?

Poultry grit is a mixture of small, hard particles, usually granite or insoluble rocks, that chickens and other poultry can consume. It serves a unique purpose in a chicken's digestive system. Chickens lack teeth, and they use grit to help grind down their food in their gizzard, a muscular part of the stomach. This grinding action aids in the digestion of their food, making it easier for chickens to extract nutrients from their diet.

1. Aid in Digestion

The primary reason to include poultry grit in a chicken's diet is to facilitate the digestive process. As mentioned, chickens need grit to help break down grains and other hard foods in their gizzard. Without grit, these foods may pass through the digestive system without being properly processed, leading to poor nutrient absorption and potential health issues.

2. Prevent Impacted Crop

Impacted crop is a condition in chickens where food, feathers, or other indigestible material accumulate in the crop, a temporary storage area for ingested food. The use of poultry grit can help prevent impacted crop by ensuring that the food in the crop is properly ground, reducing the risk of blockages and digestive complications.

3. Promote Healthy Egg Production

If you are raising chickens for their eggs, ensuring they receive an adequate supply of poultry grit is vital. Proper digestion and nutrient absorption contribute to healthy egg production. Hens that can efficiently process their food are more likely to lay quality eggs regularly.

4. Supports Strong Bones

Poultry grit also provides chickens with essential minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which are crucial for strong bones and eggshell production. If your chickens don't have access to sufficient grit, they might suffer from brittle bones and produce eggs with weaker shells.

5. Natural Source of Minerals

In addition to aiding digestion, poultry grit acts as a natural source of minerals for chickens. While commercial poultry feeds are designed to be nutritionally balanced, including grit in the diet ensures that your chickens have access to essential minerals in a form that's readily absorbed by their bodies.

How to Provide Poultry Grit

Providing poultry grit to your chickens is straightforward. You can either scatter it on the ground or offer it in a separate container. Chickens are known to have a natural instinct to seek out grit when they need it, but it's advisable to provide a consistent source in their coop or run.


Incorporating poultry grit into your chicken's diet is a simple and effective way to promote healthy digestion, prevent digestive complications, support strong egg production, and provide essential minerals. By ensuring your chickens have access to this crucial component of their diet, you can help them lead healthier, more productive lives. Don't overlook the importance of poultry grit – your chickens will thank you for it with robust health and bountiful eggs. #DoubleRFarms #RhodeIslandRed #Chickens #PoultryNutrition #BlackCopperMarans #Orpington #RhodeIslandRed #farming #grit

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