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These are products we personally use and recommend for our customers. By purchasing from these links, we receive a small commission that helps support our farm as well. 

General Terms and Conditions

1.  All of my chicks are sold straight run, period. It's almost impossible to sex some of these chicks.....and living in an HOA or within city limits does not change that fact.


2.  If I happen to have coop ready pullets or laying hens, they will be posted. Please do not ask for them.


3.  I can not take roosters back or have visitors to the farm due to NPIP/AI regulations and Bio-Security guidelines. However, I can put you in touch with someone that will take them off your hands. ( No, they may not buy them it is between the two of you)


5. I will not be growing out chicks so customers can buy older females. If there happens to be a few extra left from an order, then yes I will be growing those out. I do not have the room to grow all of them out due to their size.


6. If pullets are posted, unless they're autosex or sexlink breeds, there is a slim chance that I'm wrong, nobody's perfect.


7.  Adding this one in. I do not vaccinate for Mereks, I leave it up to the customer. Some like it and some don't.


8. Minimum for shipping is 5 chicks. Minimum purchase for pickup is 5 chicks.


9.  I guarantee the health of shipped chicks for 24hrs from the time they get to your post office. I will not guarantee the health of shipped chicks if they're not picked up from the post office within 2 hours.


10. I will guarantee the health of birds picked up for 48hrs after you pick them up.


11. There is a cancellation fee of 25% of your total order. If the order is canceled by you only, you will receive a 75% refund of your total order. If I cancel your order then you will get a full refund. You can also take a credit for a future order.

Terms and Conditions
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